Basics of Food Nutrition

Basics of Food Nutrition

We have learned about food nutrition from different sources such as school teachers, science books, health magazines, and experts.  But, have you wondered which ones to remember? 
The overwhelming information could be somewhat healthy and readily accessible through search engines.  To refresh your memory, here are the basics of food nutrition that everyone in the family should know.
Food Groups  
Fresh goods that are commonly bought from the grocery are classified into several types of food.  Food groups are classified into grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, beans, nuts. and dairy.  A well-balanced diet should have a combination of these food groups and should be eaten in moderation.
Nutritional Value
It refers to the contents of nutrients in percentage in a particular serving of food.  This gauges the food intake whether it is less or more and healthy or unhealthy. Some people might need specific de=ietary nutrients where each serving of food contributes to recommended dietary allowance (RDA).
Cooking Procedures
Food preparations can significantly impact nutrition because of cooking procedures used.  It covers preparations, cooking, and serving.  Cookware is one of the contributing factors to nutrient retention and loss.  If the cookware is non-toxic like Nutricraft Cookware, it makes the entire cooking process safe and healthy.
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