Passionate Health Educator

I have known Judith Viado as a passionate health educator. At the healthy cooking demonstration that I attended, I have learned why she is so committed in helping others. I have since then sent her at least 20 referrals because her mission is aligning with mine - helping others to be aware that there are simple steps that they can choose to do to create a healthier life. Judith is a driven professional with a beautiful heart. She and her husband, Richard, walks the walk and talks the talk. They will promote products and services that they truly believe it. To my knowledge, they have declined at least two offers for collaboration because the mission does not align. As an avid reader and learner, her presentation skills have improved by leaps and bounce! I can see her impacting on many more families by her commitment to becoming the most trusted health educator and speaker! I highly recommend her educational presentation to anyone who wants to explore how they too can be healthier by changing the way they cook! - Viola Tam, Business Mum

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