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6" Pure Titanium Ply Exquisite Series Sauce Pan (16cm x 10cm)

6" Pure Titanium Ply Exquisite Series Sauce Pan (16cm x 10cm)

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The 6" Pure Titanium Exquisite Series Sauce Pan from Nutricraft is a versatile cooking pan manufactured from 100% pure titanium for superior strength and durability. It is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and provides even heat distribution, perfect for preparing sauces, soups and stews. In addition, this 16cm x 10cm pan has a secure-fitting lid to lock in flavour and nutrients, making it an essential tool for busy home cooks.

This 6" (16cm x 10cm) Pure Titanium Exquisite Series Sauce Pan is built with high-grade pure titanium and features a sleek, modern design with no steel ear. Its durable construction, and reliable lid make it an ideal cooking utensil for your delicious sauces.

This exquisite series saucepan is crafted from pure titanium and has no steel ear. It comes with a lid for added convenience, and its dimensions measure 16cm x 10cm and are 6" in diameter. The pure titanium material ensures durability and resilience, allowing for lasting performance. Enjoy its superior heat conductivity and non-toxicity for a healthier cooking experience.

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